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Cars2transport, a subsidiary of AI Maria Invest AB, emerged to oversee the transportation facet of cars distributed by Cars2click to purchasers across Europe.

To effectively manage a large volume of vehicles, we developed an management system which empowers us to efficiently handle and monitor the transportation process, ensuring punctual pick-ups and deliveries.

Our primary objective revolves around streamlining processes and reducing administrative burdens for our collaborators, including sellers, buyers, and transporters. By providing real-time, updated, and dependable information, we aim to optimize efficiency and eliminate the need for time-consuming transport checks.

Presently, Cars2transport continues to manage door-to-door transports for Cars2click. Moreover, we have expanded our services to facilitate the transportation arrangements for all your vehicles, extending beyond those acquired through Cars2click.

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Cars2transport is door2door transport of cars inside Europe.

We are specialized in efficient, reliable, and cost-effective transportation solutions. We've got the experience and expertise for your unique needs.


Our goal is to be the fastest and most reliable transport company.

Our mission is to connect people and businesses, making the world smaller. We believe transportation is vital for modern society, fostering connections and enriching lives. Our drive is to streamline transport, reduce environmental impact, and deliver exceptional service to our clients.


We blend technology and expertise for the smoothest, safest, and most efficient transport. With a dedicated team, experienced partners, and skilled logistics experts, we optimize routes and schedules. Data analysis maximize efficiency while keeping safety and customer satisfaction at the forefront.

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