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This Website (https://cars2transport.com/) is owned and controlled by Cars2transport Europe AB, with registered office at at Barnhusgatan 8, 111 23 Stockholm, Sweden, duly registered at Swedish Companies Registration Office under the number 559295-1999, with a share capital of 50.000 SEK, hereinafter referred to as “Cars2transport”.

By accessing the website, any business entity (referred to as “Company” or “Companies") can join as a partner for car transportation services in Cars2transport.

Any Company or individual consumer (the latter hereinafter referred to as “Consumer” or “Consumers”), jointly referred to as “Users”, may request car transportation services of Cars2transport (together referred to as “Parties”).

The Parties agree that agreements made through this Website shall be governed exclusively by these Terms of Use.

By using our Website, the Users expressly accepts these Terms of Use and must therefore read them carefully. If the Users do not accept the Terms of Use, the Users should leave the Website.


  1. The User is free to use the Website provided that he/she respects these Terms of Use and the applicable Policies.

  2. The User is solely responsible for the use that he/she makes of the contents of the Website.

  3. When using the Website, each User undertakes to:
    a) Fully read the present Terms of Use, including the information on privacy and cookies.
    b) Not breach the present Terms of Use.
    c) Acknowledge and respect third party rights, including other Users, and the rights of Cars2transport, including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights and data protection rights.
    d) Behave in an honest and responsible manner and act in good faith, at all times, towards both Cars2transport and other Users;
    e) Not use a false identity or conceal his identity;
    f) Not reproduce offensive, defamatory contents, or any other contents likely to violate Cars2transport’s or any third party’s rights;
    g) Not design or use any technological tools or measures, whether through computer programming or the use of pre-existing software, such as viruses, spyware, malware, rookies, trojans or ransomware intended or able to interrupt, destroy, limit the functionality or exploit any computer vulnerability of the Website, any computer equipment, system, or communications equipment;
    h) Not access the Website by methods other than through the interface and in accordance with the instructions provided by Cars2transport;
    i) Not carry out any activities that are illegal, dangerous or against good morals through the Website;
    j) Immediately notify Cars2transport of the existence of any defect, bug or anomaly in the Website, upon detection, and not attempt to access commercial information or the personal data of other Users, alter the Website’s features or, in any other manner, exploit the defect, bug or anomaly in order to carry out illegal activities or violate the rights of third parties.

  4. The User may print or cause a third party to print any material transferable to his/her computer contained in this Website, provided that the following conditions are met:
    a) such material is solely for personal and non-commercial use;
    b) no copyright or other proprietary notice is removed from such material
    c) the material is not altered or edited in any way.

  5. This Website and its contents are provided without any guarantees to the User, of whatever nature, whether express or implicit, including, but not limited to, guarantees of merchantability, of non-infringement of third party rights and of fitness for a specific purpose, or any guarantee that access to this Website will be uninterrupted and/or error-free or disturbance-free, that this Website is secure and/or free of viruses or harm to the User from any source or that the information contained in this Website is complete, accurate and/or up to date.

  6. Cars2transport reserves the right to restrict and/or prevent the User's access to this Website and/or any part of it at any time, with or without prior notice.


  1. This Website may be used to become a parter transporting cars or to request car transportation services of Cars2transport, jointly referred to as “Services”.

  2. By car, we understand a four-wheeled road vehicle that is powered by an engine and is able to carry a small number of people. Any product which does not fall under the scope of this definition will not be subject to the agreements entered into through the Website.

    1. In order to become a partner in car transportation services, the Companies must fill in the form on the Website, by completing the forms with the accurate information in the designated brackets.

    2. In order to request car transportation services, the Users (Companies and Consumers) must fill in the form on the Website, by completing the forms with the accurate information in the designated brackets.

    3. After registering to become a partner in car transportation services, the Companies must wait for Cars2transport contact via e-mail, phone call or WhatsApp message.

    4. After the registering of the car details the Users wishes to be transported, the Users must wait for CARS3TRANSPORT contact via e-mail.

    5. Any of the procesures described in sections 3 to 6 of the present clause, shall be binding for both parties upon confimation from Cars2transport.

    Cars2transport grants all Users a free, non-exclusive and non- sublicensable license to use the Website and the Services in accordance with these Terms of Use, for private or commercial purposes, in the entire world, for 100 years.


    1. All information, data, articles, text, images, videos to which the user has access through use and also the appearance, organization, layout, or Software code are considered contents of Cars2transport.

    2. Except as authorized in these Terms of Use or expressly authorized by Cars2transport, the User may not copy, modify, alter, publish, broadcast, distribute, sell or transfer, in whole or in part, any information from this Website or the software code.

    3. The User maintains the intellectual property rights and the personality rights that the User already holds regarding the contents that the User sends, publishes or displays in the Website.


    1. Cars2transport shall not be liable for any damages that may arise from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, malfunctions and/or disconnections in the operational functioning of the electronic system or in the appliance and computer equipment of the Users, caused by reasons beyond the control of Cars2transport, that prevent or delay navigation on the Website nor for delays or blockages in use caused by deficiencies or overloading of the Internet or other electronic systems, nor for the impossibility of providing the Services or of allowing access to the Website or its correct operation for reasons not attributable to Cars2transport, due to the User, to third parties or to reasons of force majeure.

    2. Likewise, Cars2transport does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful elements that may cause damage or alterations to the computer system, electronic documents or the Users’ files. Consequently, Cars2transport will not be liable for any damage that such elements may cause to the Users or third parties.

    3. In any case, Cars2transport declares that it has adopted and will adopt, where appropriate, adequate measures, within its possibilities and the state of technology to guarantee the correct functioning of the Website and to prevent the existence and transmission of viruses and other harmful components to Users.

    4. Cars2transport may, without prior notice, temporarily suspend access to the Website for reasons of maintenance or repair of its systems and make such changes to the Website as it deems appropriate.

    5. The Website and its functionalities may vary depending on the device and media used. The Users acknowledge that the use of the Website and the Services may require third-party software subject to licenses from such third parties. The Users agree that Cars2transport may automatically install updates to the Website software from time to time.

    6. The Website software is offered as is and as available for the proposed purpose.


    1. In general, when accessing and using the Website and the Services, the User undertakes to comply with these Terms of Use and to act in accordance with the legislation in force, both national and international, as well as with the principles of good faith, morality, good customs and public order, using due diligence and refraining from using the Website in any way that may prevent, damage or deteriorate its normal operation or violate the rights of Cars2transport, other Users or, in general, any third parties.

    2. In a non-exclusive manner, the User undertakes to:
      2.1. Provide accurate and truthful data when requested through the Website and keep it up to date. Cars2transport reserves the right, without prejudice to other legal measures at its disposal, to withdraw, deny or suspend access to the Website in the event that the data provided is or may be false, inaccurate or misleading. Likewise, the User undertakes not to introduce, store or disclose by any means or medium whatsoever, any data, comments and/or content that infringes any Cars2transport’s or third parties’ right. Users shall be fully liable for any data or content that they transmit or communicate to Cars2transport.

      2.2. Users shall be held liable for any damages that may arise from their improper use of the Website.

      2.3. Not use, introduce, store or disclose through the Website any program, data, virus, code or any other electronic or physical device that may cause damage to the Website, to the Service or to any of the equipment, systems or networks of Cars2transport, of any other User or, in general, of any third party.

      2.4. Not perform any action that may prevent or hinder User’s to access to and use of the Website and the Services.

      2.5. Not alter, modify, copy, download, download, modify, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, license, rent, sell or imitate the Website, its content or its underlying software.

      2.6. Not introduce, store or disclose through the Website any content that infringes the industrial and/or intellectual property rights or commercial secrets of third parties, or in general any content of which you do not hold, in accordance with applicable law, the right to make it available to third parties.

      2.7. Not use the Website, a part of it, or any of its content on other private or commercial third-party websites or applications.

      2.8. Not use or tamper with the accounts of other Users, modify or manipulate their content, or violate their privacy and intimacy or any other fundamental right of them.

      2.9. Not use any software, program, technology or mechanism of any nature to avoid or deactivate the measures implemented by Cars2transport to ensure the Website's security and avoid unauthorized access to it, nor to allow, authorize or facilitate any of the aforementioned actions to third parties.

    3. Cars2transport may deny, withdraw, suspend or restrict, at any time and without prior notice, access to and use of the Website and of the Services to any User that violates these Terms of Use, the rights of third parties or applicable legislation and, in particular, the commitments stipulated in this clause, without any right to compensation from the User.

    4. Cars2transport shall be entitled to take any action legally available against any User:
      4.1. Who uses the Website in a way that does not comply with the Terms of Use specified herein;
      4.2. Infringing or violating the intellectual and industrial property rights or other similar rights of Cars2transport or any other legitimate third party owner; or
      4.3. That infringes any other applicable conditions or legislation in force.

    5. The User shall be personally liable for damages of any nature caused to Cars2transport and/or any other user or third party in breach of these Terms of Use and shall hold Cars2transport harmless from any liability that may be attributable to the User's actions and conduct.


    1. Cars2transport respects the rights of third parties and the applicable law. The User is obligated to do the same. Access to the Website for illicit or harmful purposes that directly or indirectly affect Cars2transport or third parties is strictly prohibited.

    2. If any User detects any use of the Website that is illegal, offensive or for purposes contrary to applicable law, they shall immediately notify Cars2transport via info@cars2transport.com

    9. LINKS

    1. To facilitate browsing and accessibility by the user, the Website may contain hyperlinks to other Websites on the internet.

    2. Cars2transport has no responsibility for those Websites and cannot be held liable for their content or for updating and quality of the information. When you use links to such Websites, you should accept the Terms of Use of that Websites before using it.


    1. Cars2transport reserves the right to take all measures deemed necessary to safeguard its rights.

    2. In case of attempted violation of the present Terms of Use, Cars2transport reserves the right to block the access and use to the respective Website.


    1. While navigating or submitting an offer on the Website, we may process your personal data. For more information on how we process your personal data, consult our Privacy Policy, accessible here.

    2. The use of cookies and other tracking technologies on this Website will be governed by our Cookie Policy, accessible here.


    1. Without prejudice to the mandatory legal rules that may be applicable, these Terms of Use shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Swedish Law. The User acknowledges and accepts the jurisdiction of the Judicial Court of the District of Stockholm, with express waiver of any other, to hear any action arising from and/or related to the Terms of Use and/or the use of this Website. Notwithstanding the above, Cars2transport may apply for injunctive relief in any jurisdiction.


    1. For clarification of any questions related to these Terms of Use, the users of this Website shall contact us at info@cars2transport.com

    2. The following contact will also available for any further questions or clarifications: (+351) 927 549 742 (national mobile call).


    1. If any provision of the Terms of Use is found to be void, voidable, unenforceable, ineffective or unenforceable or is otherwise invalid by any entity having jurisdiction, including by a court of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of any such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the Terms of Use, which shall remain in full force and effect.

    2. In the event of a declaration of invalidity pursuant to the above paragraph, the Terms of Use shall, to the fullest extent permitted by law, be interpreted so as to be as similar in effect as possible to that which was originally intended (even with the invalidated provision).


    1. If there are reasonable grounds, Cars2transport may alter these Terms of Use at any time and without prior notice to the User. The User should consult these Terms of Use frequently and check compliance with them when using the Website, confirming the date of the latest version at the end of this document. Amendments will not be applied retroactively. The User hereby accepts that legal, technical or commercial reasons affecting Cars2transport shall be considered as compelling reasons to alter these Terms of Use. Changes relating to new features of a service or changes made for legal reasons will come into force immediately. If the User does not accept the modified Terms of Use of the Website, the User should cease using the Website.

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